Ali Portrait Auctioned at $75,000

From the Arizona Republic — Muhammad Ali may not be able to float or sting anymore, but he still can draw a crowd. Fight Night III, an event that netted $500,000 – some of it going to Parkinson’s research – attracted almost 500 people to tables that went for the high prices of $3,500 to $6,500.

The champ posed for pictures (supposedly $1,000 each), made a few boxing moves and climbed into the ring a couple of limes during the event. The main attraction is celebrity boxing with hugely oversized gloves, but without a personality like Charles Barkley, the fights were a dud.

The real competition was during the auction of an oil portrait of Ali painted by Steve Voita. Jerry Colangelo dropped out of the bidding at around $30,000, and the painting ultimately sold for $75,000; Voita agreed to paint a replica for the same price for the losing bidder.